Tuesday, October 31, 2006

classic smoking method.......................

yesterday was out with some business associate, colleague & friends drinking, then i was telling them about my trip to copenhagen & then subject like smoking in the aircraft toilet pop out.

smoking in the aircarft toilet !!!!!!!! ( please, it is not allowed to do so, so please don't do it) . one of them told me that if u want to smoke in the aircarft toilet, u can use a wet towel/tissue to cover the smoke detactor & then you will not b able to get detacted by the smoke detactor. you will not........ i am not sure about it cos i never smoke in aircraft toilet b4 & i don't intend to do it bacause...........................................................

the captain of the flight will off load you at the next stop & hand you over to the police authority.

then another one was telling us his real life experience where he was on a flight to sweden & flight time is 13 hours. shit..... need a cigi then where else he went for a smoke, aircraft toilet. the best part is that he do not know the method of covered the smoke detactor by wet towel/tissue, can you all guess how he smoke without getting caught......................................... u will laugh :)

anyone can make a guess......... no....... yes......... well the trick he used is that.........................

if you used aircraft toilet b4, you will know that the toilet bowl flush system is by air suction, all paper material are not suppose to be dispose into the toilwt bowl too... this friend of mine light the cigi & inhale then here come the method he use.......

he flushed then the toilet bowl will have suction & he blow the smoke, let the toilet bowl flush system suck the smoke out.........he continued went on doing this a few times, the smoke detactor never sound & he managed to get his cigi...

the only person who will be curious is the passenger who sitted near the aircarft toilet & wondering why this joker keep on flushing the toilet........ must be constipation........

hee hee....... may be is the best way of having a cigi in the aircraft toilet

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

final in copenhagen (final 7)

after resting in the hotel room, cynthia & i decided to eat hotdog at the stall for dinner. we never think of tp (ta pau) back the open face sandwich to the room & eat, also famous in denmark. but when we walk down to the street, we saw the shop that sells open face sandwich is not close yet, it is almost 8pm at local time & we thought that the shop will be closed for business & i will never have the chance to taste the open face sandwich....... why the shop is still open bcos it is operated by the chinese ( i guess is from mainland china), the lady in the shop told us that close at 12am..wow, damn hard working & open for business the next day at 9am.

quickly tp the sandwiches. one with salmon, one with beef & one with fish as you see in the picture. yummy...yummy.......(lau hou sui leh......)

being the greedy one still want the best of copenhagen that is the hotdog...go to
the hotdog stall & grap the hotdog...never know that the hotdog can be tp too. yeah wrap with foil, still hot & rushing back to the hotel room for dinner. oh ya, b4 this, went into 7-11 buy 2 cans of beer....

now, how much will the dinner cost..... the open face sandwiches cost rm 66 for 3, the hotdog as usual is rm 13, the 2 cans of beer from 7-11 is rm 20

audrey, don't la lau hou sui....ok, next time tp & send by dhl to u, right now u have to eat more italian food & not chinese food, advise from doctor valentino of rome, italy.

this is the last nite in cph & i have show u some of the place of interest & food, which i have not show u the last yet, that is the hotel room, let me show u the room before i signing off for copenhagen.....till then, take care & wait for my next trip, that will be in july 2007, uk

officially signing off from copenhagen, denmark.............

malmo in sweden from cph (part 6)

malmo after crossing 16km long oresund bridge you reach sweden & the city of malmo. with about a quarter million inhabitants malmo is the main city in the region of skane(scania). the city is famous for its concerts, art museums & galleries; but also for its fine restaurant, cafes, parks & beaches, & not least its great shops - shopping center & department stores even stay open on sundays...........

today is monday, wake up nothing much to do, decided to go the nearest sweden town from cph that is malmo. is a windy and cold day as it is raining outside. we have out breakfast at the cph center station after figuring what to eat ( at last we have this for breakfast.... picture on the left tell u what i have & vincent, don;t say i never support macdonald. ok) 2 breakfast set cost us rm 35

train ride to malmo is only 35 min & is very near & cost rm 163 for 2 person. what do u have in malmo, as mentioned, read the above............................

after getting some swedish kroners, we walked out of the train station towards the walking street....as i told u, it is a cold & windy day, we stop by a cafe to have a cup of hot chocolate like this on the right picture. good but is cost us rm 33 to buy some warm...

with no specific place to go, we just walk around town & visit the st peter's church and malmo musuem.. (entrance fee for malmo museum & castle is rm 53 for 2 person)

by the time we finished the above mentioned, well is time to eat again. sweden famous for meat balls. we are searching high & low for the meat balls, finally, we found this stall & the meat balls & the other set of food cost us rm 79:

b4 i eat, i have to count if i have enough swedish $$$ to pay for the bill or not.......
now i want to show you some menu on how much will cost to eat in sweden just like the above stall, the menu is taken from the same stall:
the coke is cost from rm 6.5 (small), rm 8 (medium) & rm 9.5 (large). the burger in set are cost from rm 24.5 (small), rm 29.5 (medium) & rm 34.5 (large)
the hotdog sets are cost from rm 22 (small), rm 24.5 (medium) & rm 27 (large). i told u we have the meat balls set that cost us 29.5 which a drink is included.
the u will see the kebab sets as stated from rm 24.5 to rm 34.5, difference sets difference price. the pasta look nice and cost rm24.5 a set.
after the meat ball meal, we head home to cph, another 35 min train ride. reached cph, i dropped by the outdoor center where i can get some scout souvenior, well, i thought i can get some books but all in dinish, don;t understand..... so got myself a buckle & a badge, that's it. then walk across the walking street & back to hotel for a rest. well, is evening time & figuring what to eat for dinner........ let me tell u in my final part of copenhagen
yeah .... yeah...

kronborg castle,maritime museum at helsinger(part 5)

we started at cph central station & took a train to helsinger, it is an hour ride from cph. 4 of us went on the day trip, cynthia & myself plus nick & sharon. the cost of the train fare for 2 person is rm 110 ( lucky is to & fro) & we can buy group fare else the fare per person will be rm87.

the train ride is very comfortable, i wish ktm will have this soon. ( u wait slowly la)

kronborg castle is one of northern europe's most important renaissance castles. it was built in 1577 but its history streches back to the early 14th century, when king erik of pomerania built a heavily fortified castle called krogen, from where is was possible to control the narrow seaward approach to the sound (oresund) between elsinore and helsingborg in scania(skane) and thus enforce the unpopular sound dues. stories of the impressive stronghold travelled as far as england, inspiring shakespeare to make the castle the scene of hamlet;s life. today, there are visting performances of hamlet at kronborg castle, as well as concerts and other summer time events.

entrance fee for kronborg castle to view at the castle church, royal apartments, maritime museum & casemates will be rm100 for 2 person. if u like to know more about kronborg castle, please go to www.kronborg.dk & for the maritime museum, please go to www.maritime-museum.dk

Kronborg castle is home to the danish maritime museum. the museum was founded in 1915 & is one of the oldest, finest & largest maritime museum in denmark. its collections cover danish shipping and trade from about 1400 until the present day.

the permanent exhibitions of the museum, covering about 2000 m2, comprises a large number of ships paintings, models, navigations instruments together with collections concerning the previous danish colonies in india, the caribbean, greendland, as well as the danish trade with china.

the museum owns a large collections of photographs; many are to be found in the museum's database, as well as many thousands of sheer draughts. it is posible to buy copies of photographs & drawings at the museum.

after the visit, we have a snack at the near by cafe & is cost us rm 100 for a club sandwich & 2 local beers. the walk from the castle to the train station is about 20 min & again, we are heading back to cph which will take us an hour ride.

go back to the hotel room & rested for a while, we went for dinner at nearby restaurant (jensens byfhus), oh ya, forgot to mentioned that on the first night, i had a very good roast pork at cph cafe ( the roast pork is like our siew bak, yum yum yum........) & today i i will have spareribs.

cynthia & i share the meal with soup & salad, bbq spare ribs & 1.5l of tuborg beer. the meal came out to be rm 200...........i wonder how much danish earn..............

tivoli in copenhagen (part 4)

tivoli is many different things: denmark's most popular tourist attraction is stimultaneously an institution, a bearer of tradition & a national symbol. in down to earth terms, tivoli is an amusement park covering 82717 sq.m in the center of copenhagen.

internationally, tivoli also enjoys a special status. not only is it one of the world's oldest amusement parks - the one that gave walt disney the idea for his disneyland - it is also the third most visited in europe.

now is the halloween season from 13th oct till 22th oct. just nice for a visit, something new to me. the entrance fee cost rm 100 for both of us just to walk walk in the amusement park & if you want to play all the rides in the park, that will cost rm133 per person.

the star flyer - the newest addition in the array of rides is the world's highest carousel:" himmelskibet" the carousel's gondola rises 80 meters above the ground & then propels thrill-seekers through the air at 70km/hour !!!!!!!!