Wednesday, September 24, 2008

continue from templer's park ..... hornet & me (2)

then i heard someone was nearby and is was 3 germans if i remember correctly that either my wife or maggie brought them back for help. it is at this point the stretcher is ready and i will be strecher out.

u want to know about this strectcher, ask jeff. this temporary stretcher can take the weight of 90kg. yes, i am 90kg. is a good stretcher.

after some suggestions from the germans who are here on business trip & i guess is their only off day,( they are there to make a short visit to the waterfall), they want to call emergency rescue, they want to called for mandarin oriental hotel doctor to be there, call for helicopter for rescue......alamak....... somehow, i managed to crawl up to the stretcher( i know, those who not trained in 1st aid, u dare not to move the patient) i understand and i will not blame anyone.
jeff somehow managed to convienced the 3 germans to carry me out by stretcher that he constructed while waiting for the rescue. it is at this point also jeff managed to called datuk sim(nick name) to the rescue.

after stretcher me for 150m, i think they fell exhausted & take a rest. i am not sure where these germans go after that but i would like to say thank you to the unknown germans. then i know another group passby, there is a foreign doctor, then jeff was asking his advice and opinion. i can be given more water to drink, i am stable. but i still not able to walk.

the photo here shown is not to make jokes or playing fool of it, it is my encounter, my lucky encounter that i want to share with all for future prevention and not to take things & jungle likely when you go for camp or outing. be prepared...

i do not know how long we waited, but it was until 2 angel come to the rescue..... is the paramedic from hospital selayang.


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