Wednesday, September 24, 2008

continue from templer's park ..... hornet & me (1)

continue from the templer's park. i told you something happend to me.....

yes, never expect it and it happen to me. while i am cleaning my shirt. i saw nothing on the outside of my t-shirt and i put my t-shirt on. it is this sudden moment i feel a deep sharp pain on my shoulder arm..... i quickly take out my shirt and grab the point that i feel the pain & i know some small insect is on my hand...... ( ya ya ya, small insect my foot).

opened up closely, i think is HORNET, and yes, is HORNET and is not BEE( what is the different between HORNET & BEE? you tell me). i told my buddy jeff & he said, "mmm hai kuah, why u never strike toto 20 million". then double confirmed with him and is a HORNET, & confirmed i have one stung by this small little HORNET.

next question is a million question........... am i allergy to HORNET?? deng deng deng deng, i don't know and my wife also don't know & not even my buddy jeff. my reaction is still calm and i still feel ok. we are puttin on our shoe and ready to go out from the waterfall as soon as possible and not knowing what will happen next to me.... it is this time, the reaction started, the rash all rushing out on my legs, my body, my hands, my face (like a pig face & pig mouth, u can imagine that).

jeff warned me that this is the symptoms and u might be fainted or black out anytime, make sure i must informed him if i have this sign. i was holding a walking stick and i am walking out from the waterfall. crossed the first bridge of the waterfall then walk anohter 300 meter there is why the sign of dissy/want to faint / might black out soon. i informed jeff and he asked me if i can walk further, i said no. no no no no no.

in the dissy situation, jeff instructed my wife cynthia & maggie to continues walking and ask for help and when phone have signal, call for emergency rescue. jeff was left with me with no one around anymore and he starts asking me, am i ok. just dissy or am i suffering breathing difficulty ?? i told him i am dissy & i am "boh lat", stomach upset, feel like vomitting bla bla bla...

while waiting for help, he was searching for wood/bamboo & will try make a stretcher & when enough manpower, they will try stretcher me out. it is this time i feel like i want to pass motion, alamak, of this time, really cannot tahan, i guess is the reaction from the poison. this might be the medical term called ANAPHYLACTIC REACTION

i walk to the bushes and i make business, big and small business. very fast i remember. i thought i will be better, but infact is worse, i cannot even stand up and also i am all along holding a small tree to support me. i try standing up but all i can remember by then is i think i fainted for a short while, may be i am in shock.

i do not know how long i fainted, but i guess is just a short period of time. feeling more dissy and i crawled back to the main path and wait for help and jeff to be back( at this moment, jeff was looking for bamboo/wood for making the temporary stretcher and also looking for mobile phone signal)

and at this point i stop, do you think i am kidding ?no, i am not. sorry i do not have any of the initial photo to show you my encounter the minute i feel dissy, but i have the rest of the photo with me.

i will continue for part 2 of my story...... just to let you all know that in the waterfall area, no mobile signal. please remember this............


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