Wednesday, September 24, 2008

jungle walk in templer's park with my wife & buddy

last sunday (21/9/2008) planned for a jungle walk with my wife & also jeff ( my buddy & the wife maggie). we started of our journey at 815am by going for a light breakfast & heading to templer's park. (do you scouts know where is templer's park?)

we used the LDP and heading to kepong FRIM then we stop by bukit langgong to take a look. (kei poh), after that we continue our journey. we saw many development over the years along the main road going to templer's park & rawang ( i thought templer's park is a forest reserve area, where is the policy?)

after we parked our car, we starts our slow walk into the templer's park. the 1st so called obstacle was the long walk up the hill before we reach the swimming pool. while we reached the swimming pool, there are 4 senior adult was having a dip in the pool, after saying hello to them, we continue with the sign heading to the waterfall. walking into the waterfall will need 30 to 40 mins. not very long and not very short. just nice.

very quite sunday as i guess is puasa month and not many people visiting the park. to cut the story short. when we reached the waterfall after the slow walk. good to be feel like home after so many years i never come in to the waterfall.

we were busy taking photos and also planned to have a cold dip into the water before we go home. nice and cold. after having a nice dip into the water & we want to head home for lunch & continue with our outing in PJ. THEN ....................................

something happend to me................... guess what ???


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