Thursday, May 15, 2008

MIA for 6 months

i have been MIA( missing in action ) for 6 months.

well, bz bz bz bz bz...... is the word. need to help travel gal shift her stuffs back to malaysia. clean house, unpack tones of stuffs, work, a lot of catching up with family and friends.......... basically adjusting life.

yes, i need to adjust my life again where travel gal no longer travel now.

don't know how to explained in words but for sure i will blog again soon.

till then........ just relax, nothing much to do.


Blogger TAKA said...

Hi, my friend!
Maybe, you were spending busiest times after WSJ.
So I haven't seen you for ages, but tonight, I am able to get you.
It is very happy for me to read yours.
Take care!!!(^o^)/~~~~~

11:21 PM  

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