Tuesday, May 01, 2007

woodbadge leadership training course(module b)

at last the woodbadge module b conducted in smk tropicana school. the course is 3 days 2 nite camping in tent. course starts on friday and end on sunday

been busy with work and also prepared to help out in this module b course right after my return from australia.

during the module b course, received my assignment and i need to finish it before thursday as the notes need to be presented in the leader trainers refresher course which is last week.

but unfortunately before i can conduct my session on sunday, on the sat nite itself, received news that my grandfather (81 years old) passed away peacefully in sleep. no choice lor, pack my bag and go home take shower and pick my mom from house and head home to raub, pahang.

reached raub about 11pm nite, tired and after settle all the things for that nite, i go sleep at 2am. was at raub until monday.



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