Tuesday, January 30, 2007

coming camp in ulu yam

will be going to camp this sat after work. as usual. ulu yam will be the venue.

i would like to remind all those first timers and also the season campers of my encountered with jeff during our last camp at this venue.

nothing unusual happend just that must be extra careful where falling branches from tree top frequently falling especially during raining season.

it happend a lot of times during my last camp there but 2 times are closed encountered with especially the one falls in the middle of the nite where me & jeff got awake because of the great impact sound. nothing much we can do but just continue sleeping and laughing there.

so, guys and gals.......... be extra careful on this trip.

cheers and see u all this weekend in ulu yam, the town famous for " lor mee"

p/s oh ya....... should we find it boring at nite in the jungle, don't worry, we can go party in ulu yam, i will bring u there(don't ask me how is the party, cos i am still waiting for the chance to go).......... went so many times to ulu yam for camp & i only noticed the party spot on my last camp......so, those who going to the camp early, please spot for the party spot. want to see if you are observance enough or not.


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