Thursday, January 18, 2007

trip to usa might be early than i expected

as i have mentioned b4, i planned to visit usa when 2010 scouting in usa celebrate its 100 years.

but not that i wanted to or expected where this coming chinese new year, i might be going to usa for cny.

well, now is all depend on the visa appliaction and also i am not sure i have enough time for the application or not. if need to go thru the hassel, i am not that keen in going.

i like to take my own sweet time to settle those hassel esp everyone saying that apply usa visa is always tone of things to do.

with my uk trip as priority, i might forgo this trip. well, what to do, u cannot have so many things at one go. take it easy.

nothing much to do......... just relax.......... cheers.


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