Monday, December 04, 2006

scout jamborees & me

every jamboree is unique & not a single jamboree is identical to me............ every scout (youth) average out will only have one chance to participate in one jamboree as a youth but i am lucky enough to participated with 3 jamboree as a youth.

the word jamboree to a 13 years old scout like myself is a damn big word at that time.......what is that? all this thanks to my senior scoutmaster at that time who open up not only my eyes but the entire scout group from then on jamboree.

read thru the previous posting and find out more what is a jamboree.....

since the day one i'm into scouting until now, i have participated in the following jamboree as a youth, leader, jamboree staff, international service staff, contingent staff, contingent leader & last but not least as visitor too.

1st asia pscific jamborella, dandenong, australia 1984
2nd senior scout jamboree, cha-am, thailand 1987
16th world jamboree, cataract scout park, australia 1987
7th malaysia national jamboree, teluk batik, perak 1989
8th malaysia national jamboree, tambunan sabah 1992
18th world jamboree, holland 1995
2nd selangor jamboree, templer's park selangor 1996
17th asia pacific jamboree, mouth sorak korea 1996
9th malaysia national jamboree, besut trengganu 1997
12th nippon national jamboree, akita japan 1998
3rd selangor jamboree, templer's park selangor 2000
20th world scout jamboree, sattahip thailand 2002

the future 11th malaysia national jamboree, ulu bendul 2006 & 21st world scout jamboree, uk 2007......... the future starts today.


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