Tuesday, October 24, 2006

final in copenhagen (final 7)

after resting in the hotel room, cynthia & i decided to eat hotdog at the stall for dinner. we never think of tp (ta pau) back the open face sandwich to the room & eat, also famous in denmark. but when we walk down to the street, we saw the shop that sells open face sandwich is not close yet, it is almost 8pm at local time & we thought that the shop will be closed for business & i will never have the chance to taste the open face sandwich....... why the shop is still open bcos it is operated by the chinese ( i guess is from mainland china), the lady in the shop told us that close at 12am..wow, damn hard working & open for business the next day at 9am.

quickly tp the sandwiches. one with salmon, one with beef & one with fish as you see in the picture. yummy...yummy.......(lau hou sui leh......)

being the greedy one still want the best of copenhagen that is the hotdog...go to
the hotdog stall & grap the hotdog...never know that the hotdog can be tp too. yeah wrap with foil, still hot & rushing back to the hotel room for dinner. oh ya, b4 this, went into 7-11 buy 2 cans of beer....

now, how much will the dinner cost..... the open face sandwiches cost rm 66 for 3, the hotdog as usual is rm 13, the 2 cans of beer from 7-11 is rm 20

audrey, don't la lau hou sui....ok, next time tp & send by dhl to u, right now u have to eat more italian food & not chinese food, advise from doctor valentino of rome, italy.

this is the last nite in cph & i have show u some of the place of interest & food, which i have not show u the last yet, that is the hotel room, let me show u the room before i signing off for copenhagen.....till then, take care & wait for my next trip, that will be in july 2007, uk

officially signing off from copenhagen, denmark.............


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