Monday, October 09, 2006


yesterday 8th oct is my niece melody jung fullmoon, the dad nelson and mummy cindy running up & down 2 prepared the occasion for melody.

about 100 guests, family members came for the fullmoon party at home & not the TAI YEE MA (please guess who is that), she is working & she is in paris.

most of them come for the fullmoon, can you guess what they looking for, i tell you, not the baby melody but for the food, especially the "yellow wine chicken" & "pig leg vinegar" ..... poor melody just ignore all of them & zzzzzzzzzzz......... cheers

14th oct, nelson hold a lunch for melody again & my wife was around & she keep saying she miss melody while i am in singapore for work, keep nag nag nag near my ears for a week. here is melody & cynthia photos. they have the luncheon at sam yu in state pj. traffic was bad where from taman mayang mas to state took about 45min.


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