Sunday, October 01, 2006

charity event at yuk chai primary school

today drop by at yuk chai primary school for the senior citizen day charity event for a short time but end up staying there for more than 5 hours.

the scout group are helping out setting the flying fox & dunken water game for the visitors. not bad, at the end of the day we managed to get 1.5k for both activities.

for those who help out since morning until the end... salute them. being young is the capital. there are scouts from the 17th petaling scout group, the leaders consists of about more than 10 of them.

me being only help out there help out here also exhauseted...... & now i look like lobster. face is red & my hand too.

now, due to the popularity of the flying fox....... we are being asked to setup the flying fox for another charity event in november........ cheers......


date: 1st october 2006
duration: 1 day
venue: yuk chai primary school
gang: scouts & leaders of 17th petaling boxing kangaroo scout group
transport: vios, trajet, waja,, xtrail
equipemt: jut rope, abseiling rope, caribiner, figure of eight, pulley, bakau wood, water tank & etc ....
food: nasi lemak, drinking water, mee goreang, meehoon goreng & etc ...
activities: flying fox areial runway & dunken water game.


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