Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ulu Yam Trip with some new jokers

dont; have much photo to put up, all photos are those monkeys playing monopoly in the jungle right after dinner from 9pm till morning 2am. where am i, standard, zzzzz from 9pm till 11pm, my roomate wake me up by phone ( yeah..... got signal for mobile phone, not very strong signal) then i continue my zzzzz from 2am till the next morning.

who is the winner for monopoly, u guess???? the biggest idiot there (jeff the con man)

the picture one (from left to right) : may suan, aun wei, charles, yoon kong and xian ai.
( where am i, for sure i am the camera man la, james is zzzzzz)

date: 2nd & 3rd sept 2006
duration: 2 days 1 night
venue: Ulu Yam
gang: james, eric, jeff, charles, aun wei, xian ai, mei suan,
transport: xtrail 2.5, toyota vios ( the only 4 wheel drive vios in malaysia)
equipemt: fly sheet, camp bed, modern tent, camp table & chair, sleeping bag & etc.....
food: maggi mee, chicken, speggeti & etc
activities: setup camp, eat, sleep, swimming. monopoly, chess ....


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