Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ulu Yam Trip with Xtrail

this is the starting point of the river terrain. james trying out his non modification of xtrail 2.5 for this river crossing.

gaya mesti ada, mutu tak paya, the so call experience driver made the move but..... later stuck at the beginning. james has to figure how to cross the terrain. best part is my buddy jeff almost killed by james during the river crossing... ask jeff for detail if you wan to know. all this thanks to james(the driver)

but instead of jeff got killed, we all safe and sound and the xtrail cross the river. we found a place and setup our temporary shelther for the night.

we always like fly sheet and camp bed now, no modern tent to us. no way. the camp ground is enough for 3 of us. look at the picture and see yourself. from left is james's bed, myself & jeff's bed.

on sunday, some 4*4 driver very curious about the xtrail crossing the river. aksing question like the car got modification huh? answer is no, then u r an experience driver huh? the answer is nolah, we just come here camp & sleep only.

wah wah wah, u all are damn daring to take the xtrail cross the river. respect. we just laughed...hee hee

date: cannot remember( i think is 2 months ago)
duration: 2 days 1 night
venue: Ulu Yam
gang: james, eric, jeff
transport: xtrail 2.5
equipemt: fly sheet, camp bed, camp table & chair, sleeping bag & etc.....
food: tom yam, rice, maggi mee, lamb chop, chicken chop, speggeti & etc
activities: setup camp, eat, sleep, swimming ....


Blogger bryan said...

Hey bro,

Saw yur post, damn yeng man u all..I also plannin to camp in ulu yam, yesterday was there for picnic..Jus wondering is there a place for fishin n campin as well?? I tot I saw a campsite near the dam which can offer both fishin n camping..if u knw any good spot please advise..Thanks

8:53 AM  
Blogger bryan said...

btw bro where is tis place in ulu yam..can u offer directions?

2:01 PM  
Blogger swee kit eric chee said...

Bryan, please search for sungai sendat

12:55 AM  

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