Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ayuthaya: old historic capital of Siam

yeah, bkk again where this time after business matter like bangkok motorshow, visit supplier and their factory and bla bla bla....., i have some free time to killed, not like most of the previous trip, just meetings and will back in KL. cannot smell the bkk air too.( anyway is polluted, yaks)

signup for a day tour to ayuthaya. go by coach and back by boat. if u dun know where is ayuthaya. read the info provided:

Ayuthaya is about 85 km north of Bangkok. It was the capital of Siam from 1350 till 1767, when Burma conquered the city.33 kings of Siam reigned here. At its peak (about 1700) it had one million inhabitants. Out of this area, there are many old wats (temple-monasteries).

date: march 2006
duration: 5 days 4 nights
venue: Bangkok, Thailand
gang: eric, jeff
transport: air asia ( everyone can fly)
equipemt: digital camera
food: tomyam, italian food, chinese food, fast food, buffet.....
activities: bangkok motorshow, factory visit, ayuthaya, dinner with friends. ....


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