Thursday, September 28, 2006

vancouver, canada holiday with friends...yeah

(L to R):eric, jaryl, audrey, mei yee, simon, christine, henry then will be cynthia & ethan

have the idea of going vacation with bunch of old friends, not that i experience before & the best part is i do not need to plan the trip. just like my slogan, nothing much to do, just relax..... sit back & enjoyed the holiday......

where all the planning done by captain( real pilot captain), In flight supervisor, chief stewardess, ex-flight stewardess(few of them). who am i to make the plan. he ha...... i like it.

fantastic journey where our destination is vancouver but we depart from different i starts from malaysia to singapore then join cookie, henry, christine & ethan. then we meet up in korea during the transit with mei yee & simon. then all the way to vancouver. nightmare when touch down in vancouver airport. we have a flight to catch to calgary.... take almost 2 hours to clear the custom.. wherelse jaryl & audrey depart from NY, USA to meet us at calgary.

never experience almost 30 hours of journey till the destination, my first.......... ti-hand-dess is the word. (tired)

my friend ja+ & cynthia near water front with ja+'s baby lamduan

date: may 2006
duration: 2 weeks
venue: rocky mountain, calgary, drive thru the rocky to vancouver.
gang: eric & cynthia, simon & mei yee, jaryl & audrey, henry, christine & ethan
transport: sure la on SIA, can't remember what airline jaryl & audrey took, MPV and sedan car.
equipemt: digital camera, notebook
food: home cook food, maggi mee, steak, japanese food, korea food, western food & etc ...
activities: snow mobile, cable car, eat, sleep, drive, swimming, casino, lake view & etc ....


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