Saturday, October 07, 2006

tones of activities

damn... i tot nothing much on this coming month, but i am wrong, have heavy workload as i need to travel to singapore for work & coupe up with all the activities coming up & also for 21st world scout jamboree uk

here are upcoming activities for you all to plan your holidays and apply for annual leave

1. Scouter Camp @ UluYam date : 14th and 15th Octoberat the moment the ppl going are me, fong chuan,may suan, ZongLiang, LimVincent, yoon kong, swee kit,kwee kiat, vincent, imm ai, Pei san & Fren we will be meeting at my house at 9.12am, aun wei will arrange the food just pay him rm9.83. if anyone interested please reply to aun wei thank you...( i will be going to the camp after wedding dinner together with yoon kong as he will be moving to a new big apartment#can be a 17th pj scouter's den# on the day itself)

2. 40km Hike @ TemplerPark date : 24th and 25th October (hari raya lah) the 40km hike will be set by mr.ChuYoonKong for the scouts, we will just tag along and camp at templer park. (good luck to all the senior scouts, u all will have a good time, i remember when i am senior scout and i go on my 100km hike(also set by yoon kong), i curse him nice nice)

3. TroopCamp @ UluYam date :17th to 20th November an event not to be missed... details out soon (HUH, again ulu yam, can you look for another place or not.......aun wei)


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