Tuesday, October 24, 2006

tivoli in copenhagen (part 4)

tivoli is many different things: denmark's most popular tourist attraction is stimultaneously an institution, a bearer of tradition & a national symbol. in down to earth terms, tivoli is an amusement park covering 82717 sq.m in the center of copenhagen.

internationally, tivoli also enjoys a special status. not only is it one of the world's oldest amusement parks - the one that gave walt disney the idea for his disneyland - it is also the third most visited in europe.

now is the halloween season from 13th oct till 22th oct. just nice for a visit, something new to me. the entrance fee cost rm 100 for both of us just to walk walk in the amusement park & if you want to play all the rides in the park, that will cost rm133 per person.

the star flyer - the newest addition in the array of rides is the world's highest carousel:" himmelskibet" the carousel's gondola rises 80 meters above the ground & then propels thrill-seekers through the air at 70km/hour !!!!!!!!


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