Monday, October 23, 2006

copenhagen, denmark (part 2)

it is common u see many hotdog stalls on the road side & i am sitting on the road side for a beer after the canal cruise.

at the stall near little mermaid, we have 2 cup of hot chocolate with vanila ice-cream cost ringgit malaysia 33 & later after the canal cruise at the road side near a square, buy 2 carlsberg beer cost ringgit malaysia 45. (but the carlsberg beer are damn good, for sure the taste)

the baby stroller here is gaint in size especially the wheels & the picture next to it with a guy on it is not a stroller but is call cycle taxi. ( the rates are min charge rm 16 & then rm 2 per min)

there are not from america but from peru, they are performing on the street with lovely music, they do have the music in cd format & the price for one cd is ringgit malaysia 80. ( the most expensive cd that i have so far)

it is also common to see many street performers, come painted themself in white and like this one is painted in silver colour, playing some tricks along the road side. the other picture shows another performer with some instrument like big pipe and drum. he is like smoking a big cigar. do you wan to try ??????


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