Friday, October 20, 2006

aircrew family

holiday is coming up and i was at klia airport going to singapore. ground staff told me that the ealier flight on sia was full and staffs are not able to get on the flight...... oh no... don;t tell me i that will happend to me on the 1020am flight... but luck was on my side, i am able to get on.

i guess today is meeting up with friends day, at klia toilet met cy's cousin kwong hong. what a small world & he is back from singapore & i am going, getting on to the same aircraft he came in.

then when i reach singapore airport, i wanted to check with the staff see what is my chances of getting on tonite flight to copenhagen but unfortunately the staff are busy and i would not want to distrub them...

then i bum into ian poh (yo, can you remember who is he). well, long time nvr see him & always bum into the brother neil only.

as i mentioned above, aircrew family.... well ian is a pilot with sia & same goes to neil also a pilot, the dad also a pilot and the mum is an flight stewardess. great right, the whole family members are with airline industry....



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