Sunday, October 15, 2006

congrats to see wai & susan

cynthia, myself, hwee kah, ding, cy, william, susan, vincent, poh yoke, yee chern & partner, hooi & kim

not able to go camping with jingo gang of ppl like aunwei, yoon kong, kar yew, pei san, immi, james, may suan & etc........ because i need to attend see wai & susan's wedding dinner at tai tong at jalan ampang.

reached there at 7pm, as usaul being the early one, my dinner table no is 16 together with poh yoke, yee chern & partner, ding & william, kim & hooi, of cos myself and wife cynthia.

met whole bunch of ex bass consulting friends except one, still in bass consulting... u guess urself who is that. those who present are amy & thomas, wan & trixie, lim & partner, ma, chris, lee lee & daugther( dun know is son or daugther), thien, tony & partner and bla bla bla.....

those who absent like sherine ( having kiwi fruits in nz) with mee yean & hubby, audrey & joon and we predicted that sherine might have an ang moh boy friend, therefore is her trip to nz to see the in laws.heha......... dun ask us how we predicted that, we are lungs group member...

great dinner & meet up, vincent propose meet up in december again........ ha ha. we shall see

vincent & vincent jr...........


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