Monday, October 23, 2006

live fr copenhagen, denmark (part 1)

long weekend holiday now in malaysia & i am lucky to go on the flight SQ352 singapore - copenhagen(cph) on sat morning 1000am, the ground staff only give me my boarding pass at 1230am. great, here i go again on holiday.

on the arrival at copenhagen (cph), check into first hotel, then take a short break, shower & out we goto town for a walk. copenhagen(cph) famous for what, i have no idea & also the exchange rates... but later i know...... it is damn bloody expensive...... i tell u why & how expensive it is.

for those scouts. i am telling u, if u miss the world scout jamboree next year 2007 in uk, the next one will be in sweden, the cost of living in sweden will be par with denmark.... take a look

famous for hotdog in copenhagen (cph), we tried & the stall is like the photo, the hotdog cost ringgit malaysia 13 per hotdog. that is me and cynthia in the photo. later we go to the little mermaid, if u come to copenhagen & u never see the little mermaid, u r not consider been to denmark. we took a canal cruise too. the cost of the canal cruise is ringgit malaysia 79 for 2 person.

created by sculptor edward eriksen (1876-1959), donated by carlsberg's famous brewer, carl jacobsen, and inspired by hans christain andersen's beautiful fairytale, there she is- the little mermaid, on her granite boulder gazing wisfullt towards oresund in search of her prince. the status is almost synonymous with denmark, and though she may not be big, she sure is sweet !

like i said earlier on, if u nvr see mermaid in cph, u consider nvr been to denmark, look at the amount of ppl rushing to take photo with the little mermaid.


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