Tuesday, October 24, 2006

malmo in sweden from cph (part 6)

malmo after crossing 16km long oresund bridge you reach sweden & the city of malmo. with about a quarter million inhabitants malmo is the main city in the region of skane(scania). the city is famous for its concerts, art museums & galleries; but also for its fine restaurant, cafes, parks & beaches, & not least its great shops - shopping center & department stores even stay open on sundays...........

today is monday, wake up nothing much to do, decided to go the nearest sweden town from cph that is malmo. is a windy and cold day as it is raining outside. we have out breakfast at the cph center station after figuring what to eat ( at last we have this for breakfast.... picture on the left tell u what i have & vincent, don;t say i never support macdonald. ok) 2 breakfast set cost us rm 35

train ride to malmo is only 35 min & is very near & cost rm 163 for 2 person. what do u have in malmo, as mentioned, read the above............................

after getting some swedish kroners, we walked out of the train station towards the walking street....as i told u, it is a cold & windy day, we stop by a cafe to have a cup of hot chocolate like this on the right picture. good but is cost us rm 33 to buy some warm...

with no specific place to go, we just walk around town & visit the st peter's church and malmo musuem.. (entrance fee for malmo museum & castle is rm 53 for 2 person)

by the time we finished the above mentioned, well is time to eat again. sweden famous for meat balls. we are searching high & low for the meat balls, finally, we found this stall & the meat balls & the other set of food cost us rm 79:

b4 i eat, i have to count if i have enough swedish $$$ to pay for the bill or not.......
now i want to show you some menu on how much will cost to eat in sweden just like the above stall, the menu is taken from the same stall:
the coke is cost from rm 6.5 (small), rm 8 (medium) & rm 9.5 (large). the burger in set are cost from rm 24.5 (small), rm 29.5 (medium) & rm 34.5 (large)
the hotdog sets are cost from rm 22 (small), rm 24.5 (medium) & rm 27 (large). i told u we have the meat balls set that cost us 29.5 which a drink is included.
the u will see the kebab sets as stated from rm 24.5 to rm 34.5, difference sets difference price. the pasta look nice and cost rm24.5 a set.
after the meat ball meal, we head home to cph, another 35 min train ride. reached cph, i dropped by the outdoor center where i can get some scout souvenior, well, i thought i can get some books but all in dinish, don;t understand..... so got myself a buckle & a badge, that's it. then walk across the walking street & back to hotel for a rest. well, is evening time & figuring what to eat for dinner........ let me tell u in my final part of copenhagen
yeah .... yeah...


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