Tuesday, October 24, 2006

kronborg castle,maritime museum at helsinger(part 5)

we started at cph central station & took a train to helsinger, it is an hour ride from cph. 4 of us went on the day trip, cynthia & myself plus nick & sharon. the cost of the train fare for 2 person is rm 110 ( lucky is to & fro) & we can buy group fare else the fare per person will be rm87.

the train ride is very comfortable, i wish ktm will have this soon. ( u wait slowly la)

kronborg castle is one of northern europe's most important renaissance castles. it was built in 1577 but its history streches back to the early 14th century, when king erik of pomerania built a heavily fortified castle called krogen, from where is was possible to control the narrow seaward approach to the sound (oresund) between elsinore and helsingborg in scania(skane) and thus enforce the unpopular sound dues. stories of the impressive stronghold travelled as far as england, inspiring shakespeare to make the castle the scene of hamlet;s life. today, there are visting performances of hamlet at kronborg castle, as well as concerts and other summer time events.

entrance fee for kronborg castle to view at the castle church, royal apartments, maritime museum & casemates will be rm100 for 2 person. if u like to know more about kronborg castle, please go to www.kronborg.dk & for the maritime museum, please go to www.maritime-museum.dk

Kronborg castle is home to the danish maritime museum. the museum was founded in 1915 & is one of the oldest, finest & largest maritime museum in denmark. its collections cover danish shipping and trade from about 1400 until the present day.

the permanent exhibitions of the museum, covering about 2000 m2, comprises a large number of ships paintings, models, navigations instruments together with collections concerning the previous danish colonies in india, the caribbean, greendland, as well as the danish trade with china.

the museum owns a large collections of photographs; many are to be found in the museum's database, as well as many thousands of sheer draughts. it is posible to buy copies of photographs & drawings at the museum.

after the visit, we have a snack at the near by cafe & is cost us rm 100 for a club sandwich & 2 local beers. the walk from the castle to the train station is about 20 min & again, we are heading back to cph which will take us an hour ride.

go back to the hotel room & rested for a while, we went for dinner at nearby restaurant (jensens byfhus), oh ya, forgot to mentioned that on the first night, i had a very good roast pork at cph cafe ( the roast pork is like our siew bak, yum yum yum........) & today i i will have spareribs.

cynthia & i share the meal with soup & salad, bbq spare ribs & 1.5l of tuborg beer. the meal came out to be rm 200...........i wonder how much danish earn..............


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