Tuesday, November 21, 2006

highest malaysia scouting award

yesterday 20/11/2006 at ayer keroh melacca state government building where the ppm held the award presentation by prime minister of malaysia where the scouts association of malaysia presented the highest malaysia scouting award (semangat padi class 1) to mr yeoh seng choon (national training commissioner of malaysia). congrats mr yeoh..........

“the man that I respect the most in scouting” . I would like to share my story with all about this great scout leader................

i met mr yeoh for the first time in 1989 during the 7th Malaysia national jamboree in teluk batik perak. First time seeing a leader with many loops on the shoulder (that period just newly introduced new epaulette. the higher position you hold, the more loops you have). That what attract me on his uniform and he introduced himself as mr yeoh seng choon. asst. chief commissioner (acc) and national training commissioner (ntc). I was like WAH….. WAH…. WAH…. never met any so high position leader b4, acc plus ntc !!!!!!

from then on, i have more chance to meet him where he was always in scout hq preparing and doing his work. he has to travel between ipoh and kl for the love of scouting.

he has told me many scouting stories(his time) in the evening when he is in scout hq until he has to chase me away everytime. when come to scouting experience and stories, never ending stories and he always tell me come back next time fore more... aiya, damn itchy and hanging there for more stories.....

he not only tell scouting stories but also gave many tips and advise to me in all aspect in scouting and he is specialist in training until todate

when i obtained my woodbadge, i am ready to depart to world scout jamboree in holland and i am eager to wear my woodbadge ( an insignia a leader completed in leader training). but due to some reason, woodbadge and certificate not able to present to me on time and therefore i have no woodbadge to put on.

mr yeoh know about this and he took his woodbadge (4 beads) and removed 2 of the beads and borrow it to me. he told me " i know you have obtrained your woodbadge, just that time not at your end and ceremony cannot be hold to present the woodbadge to you. young man, this is my beads and please take care and bring it back in one piece"...... i am happy and i want to [image] and the same time preasure. why????
just imagine you are having the ntc personal woodbadge and what if you lost it. [image] [image] [image]

without the help & guidance from mr yeoh i believe i will not be where am i today in scouting. he still pushing me hard in scouting whenever i see him and i understanding his good cause and intention.

SALUTE and thank you.


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