Tuesday, December 19, 2006

11th malaysia national jamboree 2006

sunday morning travel to ulu bendul in kuala pilah with jeff (my jamboree buddy) to take a look of the on going malaysia jamboree.

first stopover at kedah campsite, then in selangor campsite, met mr ngoo adc petaling & chit chat with him before taking a tour on the entire jamboree campsite. this jamboree has the jamboree mood to me even thou i am not a participant. as a visitor i can say this is a jamboree.

the organiser fully utilised the camp area with the help from various government agencies from works dept, the police force, the army & so on.....

impress with the following where permanent signboard(not wooden signboard) are put up indicating jamboree area, slow down in speed for cars, buses, lorries & etc.....

met some old friends at the jamboree site. visited all the cantingent campsite, the main arena, the activities area, the plaza area.

impress with tham's badge collection at the exhibition area. met badrulhisham( former adc petaling now adc for baling district in kedah) at the exhibition area. i must say tham's & the rover crew put up a good exhibition as one of the activity for the jamboree. great!!!!!

if you want to know more, search for the star online where some articles have been put up covering this jamboree.

oh ya, scouts & leaders of selangor especially petaling district, be prepared for year 2010 where selangor will be the host for the upcoming 12th malaysia national jamboree.

if selangor will be the host, then left perlis state still not yet host malaysia jamboree before besides than those federal state like kuala lumpur, labuan.....

so far the states hosted malaysia national jamboree

1966 penang
1970 melacca
1974 johor
1978 sarawak
1982 kelantan
1986 pahang
1989 perak
1992 sabah
1997 trengganu
2002 kedah
2006 negeri sembilan
2010 selangor
2014 perlis (may be, i am not sure who will be the host)


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