Wednesday, December 06, 2006

travelling here & there (part three)

philippine... only been to manila for about a month, mainly is for work & everyday starts work very early in the morning & end very late. rushing for dateline ma, not sending me to manila for holiday ma. i can remember most of the morning i'm taking jolibee fast food. most of the building outside has guard arm with firearm guarded.

south africa...first time to johannesburg was in 2001, nothing much i know about the place, die la, sure eat mac-d for most of the meal la. end up having good meals with a very in-expensive price. visited some culture village, the sun city, gold reef city, casino, lion park, water front, flee market, scout shop & etc.........

buy some souvenirs, spend a day in scout shop. standard, really got tones of thing to see and grab. buy almost the whole shop. talk to the scout executive, and guess what.... he gave me souvenir, it is from mafeking. mafeking is means "place of stone". yup, gave me some stones originally from mafeking. (if u r scout, please don;t tell me you don;t know where is mafeking). then he show me a binoculors, this bino is old & craft with bp's name. ( scouts, u know who is bp) shoot u 300 times if u don;t know. u will not believe it i am holding bp's binoculors. speechless...........

singapore ... stayed in singapore for 2 years before heading back to malaysia.
most frequently visit this city, at least once a year until i joined current company where the no of times increase where company have a branch office in singapore & i have to go there for work assignment on adhoc basis.

south korea ... with about 10 scouts attend the 17th asia pacific jamboree in mount sorak 1996, mount sorak is about 20km away from dmz zone.(do u know where is dmz zone). sorak san also hosted the 17th world jamboree in 19991. same place. nice mountain area. stayed with the korean family for a few days, great, visited seoul, most of the famous tourist places

2nd time there again recently is only for transit on seoul vancouver trip. met up with captain simon & mei yee in seaoul before heading to vancouver for vacation trip in last may 2006. (is a new airport)

sweden ... it is just that the nearest town from copenhagen is malmo, only 35 min, therefore just don't want to waste the opportunity putting my foot print on the soil of sweden. posted in my previous post about malmo, take a look.

the next time i have chance or think of going to sweden i guess will be in year 2011, because the 22nd world scout jamboree will be host by sweden. tell you, scandinavian country is damn expensive.

switzerland... as is parrt of the knotiki tour package in 1995, was in lucerne, nice place, stayed over a nite there, visited the mount pilatus/titlis, the famouse chapel bridge, the lion monument. i remember that one plate of mixed rice with 3 dishes cost rm45. the most scary part is the cable car up to mountain. damn scary

thailand... first time 1987 is to the 2nd senior scout jamboree in cha-am, with a bunch of friends always fun fun fun......

then only in 2002, went to bangkok, sattahip, pattaya for the preparation of malaysia contingent to the 20th world scout jamboree. leading 178 scouts and leaders to the world event held in sattahip.

also with current company, i need to travel to bangkok for meetings with customer, exhibitions, sourcing for material & meeting up with suppliers.

so far in total i have travel to about 20 countries. suprisingly i have not & i am yet to visit one of the popular distination of many others, that is hong kong. not that i don't want to go but happend a few times where i plan to go but due to other factors, the trip has been put off. wait la, sure got chance wan...

another place thinking of going is the usa, but as many of u know, getting a visa is "mkf". my boss as md of the company want to go there for an exhibition also got turn down on visa application. wait lor.... only will go get the visa when in year 2009 i guess, to prepare for the 100th year of scouting celebration with bsa & attend their national jamboree.


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