Thursday, January 04, 2007

ulu yam 2006-2007 camp

sunday morning 31st dec 2006, woke up at 9am & starts to packed my camping stuff into my haversack. been lying on the floor since sat nite. nothing much to pack for a 3 days 2 nites camp. with vehiecle able to access until the camp area, it make life easy as abc......

9am: woke up & packed camping equipment.

expect jeff will reach my house anytime, while waiting for him, i continue my tvb series.

jeff reached my house & packed some food, our supply not enough for 3 days, need to go tesco, on the way to tesco, dropped by may suan's house to get back my camp bed & borrow milux stove.

departed from tesco after shopping for some fresh food. travel to ulu yam campsite need about 1 hour plus.

reached the campsite, the usual camp area are as expected, occupied by the 4wd kakis, we hope the alternate camp site is available for us. yeah. is free & we have the alternate camp area. not a bad choice.

4pm - 8pm:
our sleeping area is up, with flysheet and campbed setup, is fast & easy. well, time to have a dip in the river. not very cold, tone of fishes( james, u should have come for the camp with ur fish trap).

before getting into the river, we have prepared our dinner (herbs with chicken) on the milux stove, by the time we finished our river bath. just nice for dinner. with rice & fried eggs & chic kut teh. dinner will be served shortly.

for supper, we have lamb chop. yummy, from tesco.


9pm - 9am: i am not sure about jeff but i am on the bed looking for mr chow's daugther. yahoo. this is one of my objective for this camp. zzzzzzzz as much as i can. jeff knows well i can zzzzz anytime, anywhere.

and guess what, i really can zzzzzz, but nvr into deep sleep until morning cos some sand flies really make my skin itchy. but still managed to sleep until 9am in the morning. 12 hours for first nite, not bad at all.

9am till 11am: breakfast with floss bun, milo plus maggi mee. great breakfast. whats next after bfast. sure have a swim in the river la. after the morning sip in the river. dry myself up & again continue with my zzzzzzzzzz

11am till 1pm: have chic kut teh for lunch, wat a lovely lunch. standard. finished lunch and dip into river again.

1pm till 8pm: continue zzzzzz cos rain started, nothing much to do, just before the raining starts, a family with the grandpa, the father, mothere, son, daugther were dipping, playing water in the river. therey bring some home cook food, & also "vui some fan shu". real outdoor lover, even is rain, there also continue fun in the river.

dose off until 8pm & wake up to cook cintan mee. still raining. this rain continue till the wee morning.

after cintan mee, well again i zzzzzz till 12am, jeff cannot sleep much, so we went for fishing. got some fishes. well, we can have some fresh water fish for breakfast already.

chit chat for a while & continue to sleep at 2am till morning


9am in the morning, fried the fishes for breakfast with cintan mee. yummy.

again dip into river for morning bath. after that clean up for the place, pack our stuff.

by the time finished packing, damn hot. again dip into the river before we say bye bye to the nature.

well..... i am not sure about jeff, but i have a full recharge for the 3 days 2 nites in ulu yam.


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