Friday, May 11, 2007

IPSC Level 3 shooting competiton

The scouts & the organisers from the IPSC

last weekend a group or scouts rendered their service in a shooting competition organised by the IPSC malaysia. it is a level 3 shooting competition where oversea shooters from hong kong, macau, indonesia, philippine, malaysia, singapore, sri lanka & so on are there for the shoot at police central shoot range.

here is a report taken from the IPSC forum about the event and also scouts are given a chance to shoot with real ammo under the supervision of the expert shooter. this is the second time the scouts rendered their service in this IPSC shooting competition.

looks like charlie angels in action

what is IPSC, visit or to find out more

report from chepit (regional development director)

it sure is nice to see a region come to life that is finally run and managed by real shooters for the shooters. Well AustralAsia, ready or not, MAL or even both regions of SIN will and is ready to give us AA2010.

Last weekend and after a full week in KL, MAL had its 4th level III held in maybe just the best looking compact 8 25m x25m bays in the world complete with a fully airconditioned big clubhouse, praying room, stats room, arbitration room, ammo/guns depo, and the most decent restroom I've seen in a range. The grounds are in grass, bay sheds are made and designed as if you were inside an Olympic village. Drainage is architecturally designed included the cement brick pathways. On the sides of the range are monkeys, yes I said monkeys watching you shoot and watching if you will leave any dinner food for them. Unfortunately, the nice thick forest area as a backstop for stage 15 got burned last year, otherwise, wow, forest in all sides except the view of some suburds as backview from the clubhouse and parking lot. Talking about parking lots, you then see Porsche boxster, S-class Benzs, and the flaming red 355 Ferrari of the Boss.

The match was graced with 150 shooters from 13 regions and IROA CROs in each stage. A match is a match by all standards but this one was quite different from all the rest I've experienced. This is the first time I've seen very disciplined boy and girl scouts enthusiastically patching, painting, rising poppers and plates. This was so cool to see. Asked all of them and 100% both wanted to have their pictures taken and fire a real gun. Hey, sure enough we made their day and experience of a lifetime in the scouting lives. 90% of them hit the popper on their first shoot which we placed around 20 meters away. I told them to spread the good news of how good if feels having guns as tools in a sport. Told them to tell their parents of the great experience and how friendly IPSC shooters are to them. MAL-IPSC, no doubt in my mind that when these kids do come of age and financially able, they will come knocking at your doorstep wanting more of what they have experienced 15-20 ago. To us IROA boys, it sure is another great reunion of the best of Asia, just can't get tired of it.

To the super hardworking core group of RD Mike's working committee like, MD Ariz, Cris, Adrian 1 and 2, Foo, I do bow my heads to you guys. Sorry if I didn't mention other organizer's name out there but you know who you are and in IPSC, most of the time, its the hidden and unseen people that makes the game the best in the world. It's the passion of the real IPSC people that makes us what IPSC is all about. RD Mike, you sure have brought MAL to now a level where you cannot turn back. Go and hit, AA2010 with you and RD John of SIN around, it will bring IPSC to another level of cooperation and a unique great inter-regional relationship. Do not let those small noisy group bring MAL down again. Your adminstration has proven and shown the world that its the positive minds of people that makes things happen in IPSC. Tunku Jalil, your presence once again brings boast to all of us.

Bravo IPSC-MALAYSIA! Stand proud gentlemen you have earned it.



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