Friday, August 17, 2007

21st world scout jamboree is a jamboree !!!!!

hello all, i am back from the world scout jamboree on the 8th of august with the main group. is a waste no tour or short excursion being arranged.

world scout jamboree........ was is a real jamboree ? or a typical jamboree normally a scout or leader attend ?

i leave it to individual................

oh ya, look out for jamboree cover news by debbie chan. hopefully will be a pull out issue. yeah...if not, i will be wondering how she can squeeze 14 days event into 2 pages.

simply scouting 2011 on the way, at the same time 2010 17th us national jamboree too....

will i be there !!!!!!!!! ....... eh, currently i have no flight permission / departure rights & grounded from control tower(traveling gal) to fly my scoutjamex shutter to any jamborees.

my scoutjamex is currently under serious maintainance schedule after several jamborees & events in australia, thailand, singapore, japan, korea, holland & the recent 21st world scout jamboree.....

till then..... just relax and take care.


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