Friday, September 29, 2006

Ulu Yam Camp again... with scout leaders

konichiwa ....

scoUter cAMp tat previously mentioned will be on the 7th and 8th have been Postponed to the 14th and15th of october ... the arrangement is as below :14th meet at aun wei's house at 2.00pm & then travel to ulu yam. 15th you will probably reach home around7.00pm

in between there are no plans yet but among the activities we did the last time was something likethis ... cook, eat, sleep, play monopoly, play chess,play water, fishing ... this time round we will probably do a survey on the area as will be having end year camp at the same venue ...

camping is good for you, too bad... i will not be able to join in as i have a wedding dinner to attend at KL Tai Thong near Jalan Ampang. may be after the dinner i will join you guys if i am crazy enough... cheers

please contact aun wei for more information...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

vancouver, canada holiday with friends...yeah

(L to R):eric, jaryl, audrey, mei yee, simon, christine, henry then will be cynthia & ethan

have the idea of going vacation with bunch of old friends, not that i experience before & the best part is i do not need to plan the trip. just like my slogan, nothing much to do, just relax..... sit back & enjoyed the holiday......

where all the planning done by captain( real pilot captain), In flight supervisor, chief stewardess, ex-flight stewardess(few of them). who am i to make the plan. he ha...... i like it.

fantastic journey where our destination is vancouver but we depart from different i starts from malaysia to singapore then join cookie, henry, christine & ethan. then we meet up in korea during the transit with mei yee & simon. then all the way to vancouver. nightmare when touch down in vancouver airport. we have a flight to catch to calgary.... take almost 2 hours to clear the custom.. wherelse jaryl & audrey depart from NY, USA to meet us at calgary.

never experience almost 30 hours of journey till the destination, my first.......... ti-hand-dess is the word. (tired)

my friend ja+ & cynthia near water front with ja+'s baby lamduan

date: may 2006
duration: 2 weeks
venue: rocky mountain, calgary, drive thru the rocky to vancouver.
gang: eric & cynthia, simon & mei yee, jaryl & audrey, henry, christine & ethan
transport: sure la on SIA, can't remember what airline jaryl & audrey took, MPV and sedan car.
equipemt: digital camera, notebook
food: home cook food, maggi mee, steak, japanese food, korea food, western food & etc ...
activities: snow mobile, cable car, eat, sleep, drive, swimming, casino, lake view & etc ....

Ayuthaya: old historic capital of Siam

yeah, bkk again where this time after business matter like bangkok motorshow, visit supplier and their factory and bla bla bla....., i have some free time to killed, not like most of the previous trip, just meetings and will back in KL. cannot smell the bkk air too.( anyway is polluted, yaks)

signup for a day tour to ayuthaya. go by coach and back by boat. if u dun know where is ayuthaya. read the info provided:

Ayuthaya is about 85 km north of Bangkok. It was the capital of Siam from 1350 till 1767, when Burma conquered the city.33 kings of Siam reigned here. At its peak (about 1700) it had one million inhabitants. Out of this area, there are many old wats (temple-monasteries).

date: march 2006
duration: 5 days 4 nights
venue: Bangkok, Thailand
gang: eric, jeff
transport: air asia ( everyone can fly)
equipemt: digital camera
food: tomyam, italian food, chinese food, fast food, buffet.....
activities: bangkok motorshow, factory visit, ayuthaya, dinner with friends. ....

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ulu Yam Trip with some new jokers

dont; have much photo to put up, all photos are those monkeys playing monopoly in the jungle right after dinner from 9pm till morning 2am. where am i, standard, zzzzz from 9pm till 11pm, my roomate wake me up by phone ( yeah..... got signal for mobile phone, not very strong signal) then i continue my zzzzz from 2am till the next morning.

who is the winner for monopoly, u guess???? the biggest idiot there (jeff the con man)

the picture one (from left to right) : may suan, aun wei, charles, yoon kong and xian ai.
( where am i, for sure i am the camera man la, james is zzzzzz)

date: 2nd & 3rd sept 2006
duration: 2 days 1 night
venue: Ulu Yam
gang: james, eric, jeff, charles, aun wei, xian ai, mei suan,
transport: xtrail 2.5, toyota vios ( the only 4 wheel drive vios in malaysia)
equipemt: fly sheet, camp bed, modern tent, camp table & chair, sleeping bag & etc.....
food: maggi mee, chicken, speggeti & etc
activities: setup camp, eat, sleep, swimming. monopoly, chess ....

Ulu Yam Trip with Xtrail

this is the starting point of the river terrain. james trying out his non modification of xtrail 2.5 for this river crossing.

gaya mesti ada, mutu tak paya, the so call experience driver made the move but..... later stuck at the beginning. james has to figure how to cross the terrain. best part is my buddy jeff almost killed by james during the river crossing... ask jeff for detail if you wan to know. all this thanks to james(the driver)

but instead of jeff got killed, we all safe and sound and the xtrail cross the river. we found a place and setup our temporary shelther for the night.

we always like fly sheet and camp bed now, no modern tent to us. no way. the camp ground is enough for 3 of us. look at the picture and see yourself. from left is james's bed, myself & jeff's bed.

on sunday, some 4*4 driver very curious about the xtrail crossing the river. aksing question like the car got modification huh? answer is no, then u r an experience driver huh? the answer is nolah, we just come here camp & sleep only.

wah wah wah, u all are damn daring to take the xtrail cross the river. respect. we just laughed...hee hee

date: cannot remember( i think is 2 months ago)
duration: 2 days 1 night
venue: Ulu Yam
gang: james, eric, jeff
transport: xtrail 2.5
equipemt: fly sheet, camp bed, camp table & chair, sleeping bag & etc.....
food: tom yam, rice, maggi mee, lamb chop, chicken chop, speggeti & etc
activities: setup camp, eat, sleep, swimming ....