Tuesday, October 07, 2008

continue from templer's park ..... hornet & me (6)

while waiting for the fire rescue team, i am blurr blurr and i zzzzzz. i am not sure how long i waited but guess
is not long kuah.

yes, i did heard them saying the fire rescue team is here already. the paramedic still considering getting the helicopter to get me out. but the rescue team told the medic that today sunday no officer on duty, no heli.

in the mid of blur blur, in my mind i was thinking, heli. sure boh. no need kuah.

then finally, the rescue team decided to stretcher me out. they prepared the stretcher & i will be stretcher out by them.

suddenly, my stomach upset and this time, i vomited. is scary and also like the merlion of singapore. ( u know what i mean???) i vomited this morning breakfast and guts water also came out. ok liau, nothing to vomit liau. i feel comfortable now but still dizzy, boh lat to walk.

with the stretcher ready, i am being transfer to the solid stretcher & the rescue team buckle up the safety stripes so that i will not fall from the stretcher. here i go, i am being stretcher out by 8 fire rescue team member. they take turn. hehe. (yeah yeah yeah, i know i am heavy. need to go diet soon).

my feeling is still the same dizzy and "boh lat" to walk, i cannot even open my eye. guess what, thunder storm is on the way and the sky is getting very dark. alamak, mmmm hai kuah........
as they stretcher me out, i am getting better. all the ill feeling starts to get off from me. i am feeling not that dizzy. may be is because i vomited.... that is the reason i can think off

about 300 meters before the swimming pool, i ask the rescue team let me down for me try walking. they asked me, "are u sure?", yes, i am sure. "pai seh lei, hehe" no la, i just want to try to see if i can walk or not.

yeah, i am able to walk but with the rescue team beside me, they are scare that i might falls. instead of fall down, the sky starts to poured us with heave rain. getting damn wet... no choice la. still have to walk down ma.

when towards the canteen, i saw the ambulance is there waiting for me and the medic. i am giving the drip again in the ambulance and rush to selayang hosiptal with the siren on " nee noh nee noh nee noh................." aiyo, pai seh lei.


Blogger Charles said...

waaa... u so pro also jia lat er... lol

hope u got better already ^^

4:03 AM  
Blogger AstrayP03 said...

gotta admit....that sucks....a nice trip to templers park turn out liddat...

6:57 PM  

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