Wednesday, September 24, 2008

continue from templer's park ..... hornet & me (3)

it was then the unexpected that i heard paramedic is here for the rescue. at the same time the fire rescue department team also on the way for the rescue.

when i first saw the paramedic, thank god and they are here after walking 30 minutes into the jungle and with all the neccessary equipement for the rescue. 2 of them, with big carry bags.

they access my situation and because it noon time, the sun is right on top of me and they shift me for another 10 meters for shady place. i was asked if i have difficulty in breathing, asthma(it will be different situation if i am asthmatic)

the medic starts to give me drip but guess what, they cannot find my blood vain. because my hands are swollen by then, i remember the medic "poke" a few times on my right hand to find the vain. i am not really in pain as i guess i am half fainted and dissy at that time.

at last they found the blood vain on my left hand & starts give me a drip, also one of the so call anti-dose kuah (i cannot remember the name), then i remember jeff at the same time was asking the paramedic is they any medicine for prevention for Hornet sting. yes, there is. i will let you know later.


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