Wednesday, September 24, 2008

continue from templer's park ..... hornet & me (4)

i will show the photos of the process before the fire rescue team come in to stretcher me out.
i think the photos speak thousand words from now:

at this point of time, my 2 other scout buddies are here too. there are tuck loong & dato sim( his nick name), both of them & jeff have some same common interest, that is they have go thru many times HORNET sting experience before. big or small HORNET case also they have gone thru. but i don't think they see such serious HORNET case before kuah.

u got to ask them urself. tuck loong i think looking at the sky for praying kuah. hehe, then dato sim refresh his fisrt aid kuah.

u look at the way dato sim kk smile and his laughter. may be he think that he passed his advance hornet rescue course.


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