Wednesday, September 24, 2008

continue from templer's park ..... hornet & me (5)

continue from the photos action, i think is better la. this photos will show you until the fire rescue unit come into the sense where they are thinking of stretcher me out. but the paramedic say may be to helicopter me out from the jungle.

it is learn that commonwealth park have an incident that a student fall from waterfall, really need to helicopter the patient out.

continue from the templer's park :

after the paramedic give me a drip, now it is time to wait for the fire rescue team to come for the help. while calling the fire rescue team, the paramedic still may insist the heli to be here for the assist.

next i will show some picture of me be stretcher out by the fire rescue operation team unit.

till then.......part 6 is coming.


Blogger A Whole New World said...

waiting for story to continue

1:02 PM  
Blogger icecookie said...

coming soon, wiat for me to upload the picture and i will post it. hehe

11:22 AM  

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