Wednesday, July 18, 2007

21st world scout jamboree uk

long time never blog, don;t have the feel to blog down something. but........

21st world scout jamboree will be next week. yeah, waited for sometime for that and by the time wsj starts, u will find that the ending is near for the 12 days event.

will be departing on 26th july with the main contingent via bangkok to london.

yeah, u might be thinking of terrorism and so on in london...... nah.....nothing one la. the most the campsite is full of military personel guarding the entire surrounding only. not that i never experience before. this happened in the last world jamboree, military guarding with m-16 and light machine gun. at the sea front, three navy vessles are at the coast guarding.

last world jamboree in thailand, few months before the jamboree, if i am not wrong, bali got bomb. i was being called up by the bukit aman intelliengent division to " drink coffee " with one of the asp. why? nothing, just a formal routine where asian police link up their network after the bombing and bukit aman is being inform world scout jamboree is being held in sattahip and they need the information of the entire contingent members who are going to the jamboree.

great experience on this...........

this is my fourth world scout jamboree experience and what i expect the most is get to meet a lot of old friends. emails are here and there and we are eagerly waiting for the day to come.

100 years of scouting..... salute bp.