Saturday, October 20, 2007

milan scout shop italy

on my recent trip to milan, i visited the scout shop in milan. as usual, buy some souvenior from the scout shop.

lot of books in the scout shop but all in italian.

the best item i got from the scout shop is the scout walking stick.

many of you asked me this before, when will we see this in malaysia...... my answer will always be the same......... u slowly wait la...... just relax, nothing much to do.

milan italy....

was on a trip with cynthia to milan recently. basically, milan nice place to shop for branded stuffs provided you are loaded with victamin m.

things are expensive here in milan( using euro currency). personally milan nothing special to me but just for branded stuffs.

the photos are taken on lake como.

got no time to blog but i will put up the photos for you to view.

this is the hotel room. the price for the hotel room charges per nite is 170 - 200 euro (rm850 - rm1000)